ECN/EQN 400 series

Absolute rotary encoders with integral bearing

  • Very high axial tolerance of up to ±1 mm or ±1.5 mm
  • Blind hollow shaft, hollow through shaft, or tapered shaft
  • Very high positioning accuracy of down to ±20"
  • 33 554 432 positions/rev.
  • Multiturn functionality for up to 4096 revolutions
  • Max. operating temperature: 100 °C
  • Interfaces: EnDat, Fanuc, SSI and DRIVE-CLiQ
  • Housing diameter ≈ 56 mm
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Flexible coupling

Because the rotary encoder shaft is directly coupled with the motor shaft, inaccuracy is reduced and high bandwidths are attained in the control loop. What's more, the versions with a hollow through shaft provide versatile mounting options in the application, such as attaching a fan.

Functional safety

Rotary encoders from this series are available with functional safety and a safe mechanical connection. Once integrated into an application with up to SIL 2 safety, they minimize malfunctions and facilitate the safe operation of machines and systems.

Wide variety of interfaces

The rotary encoders of this series are available with many different interfaces, allowing them to be connected directly to most subsequent electronics. Neither an adapter nor a signal converter is necessary.

Proven standard

The rotary encoders of this series boast high reliability and perfected technology in a robust design. For decades, they have proven themselves around the world in great numbers within industrial applications and elevators.

Product variants

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